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Media by T.S. Claire · BcEpN7YB2DN · Likes: 267 · Posted: 2017-11-29T09:32

▼ Greater Downtown Miami

29.11.17 - 09:32
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T.S. Claire

Link in bio : I apologize for the duplicate post. The Tfail enamel pin & sticker packs ( 12 Stickers / some are new designs, die cut plus one of two enamel pins ) for $20.00 are nearly sold out. These pin packs are funding the @tmrwlndstudio memorial mural pieces and gallery shipping expense for showing Tina’s art at Art Basel in 2017. I’ll be putting her art up publicly under any and all circumstances, but every bit helps. Thank you kindly, @tmrwlndstudio




Is this the same pin from Yesterdays that Tina put out just before her passing?


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