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Media by Henrik Aa. Uldalen · BcDFItXnVN2 · Likes: 27428 · Posted: 2017-11-28T18:57

▼ Saatchi Gallery

28.11.17 - 18:57
❤ 27428

Henrik Aa. Uldalen

New limited edition prints available at 18.30 GMT from saatchistore.saatchigallery.com and nuartgallery.nofor the opening of their co-curated opening "Revolutions per minute".










So good


@stefaniejuliane dieser Account 😍




@ecuco_colectivo mira






Hauntingly Beautiful....


@breaking.hazel 😍😍😍


@ayyasap woah








@anabelbordas06 This is the artist I mentioned earlier, I am obsessed! Such good art. 😈✅


@escaptism Henrik works a lot with self mutilated imagery, like your piece :)


Your work is great! I run a featured artist spot and I'd love to share this photo (with full credits of course!) Would that be ok?












@taylorjane.apparel oh yo




@heyminimalist you’ve now got me obsessed with this guys art!


How incredible is he🙈 @kylecassim you’re welcome 😊


@heyminimalist literally just going through all of his stuff! Amazing ... would love to get a replica of some the stuff for my place ...


@kylecassim I get lost in it too!😢Yessss, taking decor to a new level 👌🏼


Hi Henrik! Your paintings are so original! I’ve created this account to share art from different artists, would you like me to post one of your paintings and tag you? Thanks a lot!!




@daddys.fist a lil different


@sarahbarils definitely a fan 😙
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