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Media by briankesinger · BbpOQ4UhVSw · Likes: 3797 · Posted: 2017-11-18T18:01
Media by briankesinger · BbpOYEfByUj · Likes: 3797 · Posted: 2017-11-18T18:01
Media by briankesinger · BbpOQ29h3hH · Likes: 3797 · Posted: 2017-11-18T18:01
18.11.17 - 18:01
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Hi all! Two event reminders for those of you looking for something fun to do today! First: I will be giving a free talk at the San Clemente public library about my career to date at 2:00 pm. Second: you must check out the carnival of astounding art secret showroom that opens tonight at 8pm in Burbank. I’ll be there as well to hang out and talk with you all. There will be a special gift for those that attend both events today! I hope to see you!



I need that Tiki Room one!!!




Good luck with the events, Brian! Wish to be there, but I am thousand miles away from you~ Sending positive vibes from Narnia 😎👍🏼


😭I have a birthday party to attend


This is going to be an epic day. I can't wait to see you at both events and the secret room. 👏🏻


I ADORE the Tiki Room print!! If I wasn't in AZ...




the valentine one is so good 🙌


I'm be in San Clemente! Only wish I could find a way to Burbank


Omg the little rascals reference 😂😂😂


Awesome presentation at the San Clemente Public Library, @briankesinger ! My favorite part (so hard to choose) was the - Hasbro steampunk, MOST especially the G.I. Joe COBRA Commander w/ the Pickelhaube helmet! 🤤


Great talk at the library today...wish I could make it to @geekyteas tonight - best wishes to you & Captain Donna tonight 👍


Dam I wish I could make it.


Omg the valentines one! So nostalgic, I remember Calvin writing his to Susie 😂


Why is this barely posting to my timeline 2 days later?!?!!!!?? 😭😭😭


I was at my cousin's funeral. Sorry to miss it.
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