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Media by Isaac Cordal · BbmRgFlgw2Z · Likes: 2299 · Posted: 2017-11-17T14:27
17.11.17 - 14:27
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Isaac Cordal

THE LAST SUPPER /// Last weekend to see my solo show La comédie humaine Exposition du 19/10 au 19/11/17 La poudrière / Bastion Royal / Bayonne / France Du mardi au dimanche de 14h à 19h – prix libre Within the activities of the week of street art for the @pdvstreetartweek organized by Spacejunk´s art centers, I have presented my itinerant exhibition which includes some of my artworks made since 2013. More info link in bio












Good good, thank you!












Wow🧐 deep


Me encanta su trabajo. saludos.


And now he could be also in front of Salvator Mundi, right? Love your work, I wish I could arrive in France a month earlier to check that exhibition...




Wow. Very nice.












Love it😉👍🏼


Ay, qué corpo tan pequeno! 😍


@marianvitt_ ❤


@manu_jojojo 😭😭😭






Such a powerful image. Congrats on your work. 👐🏻


Found myself magnetically drawn to this piece


Paham kan? @ilmaamaliaaa


@kaylamauldian_ nggak


@kaylamauldian_ takkiro orng kencing ajg


@ilmaamaliaaa iku wong miskin de'e kate koyok seng ndk foto wadoh


@ilmaamaliaaa ilma kayak singkatan telepon mami :3 telmi
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