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Media by Josh Keyes · BbmFffolBDk · Likes: 3656 · Posted: 2017-11-17T12:43
17.11.17 - 12:43
❤ 3656

Josh Keyes

Glider acrylic on panel






Is your work available in prints? Yes please!


So dope


Damn that's peaceful.


Your art is incredible! Found my new inspiration 😻

@mann_design everything you create I feel is print worthy. I'm trying to same up now to find a copy of Goliath. I love the piece of work so much.

@twokidsandakite 🙏🏼




Print itttt


So so epic


Amazing beautifull



@raw-pix-photography pretty please print it!!! ♥️


You are amazing


Please print!! I love this piece


manta's are magical!


Amazing! 😍


Not a paiting. Poetry


I want this!!!! Please print it!!!!

@rustyfembot please do!!!!


Love this so much!


Please make a print.


Oh lol! Didnt realize your ptown ties. Though i was suspect when i saw a Nomad and Ndigo tag on the whale lol...and shoulda known since now i recall following you cause of that dope af rhino you did for fftt a few years back! 🙌👌👊


Yes, you should do print - this piece is magic ✨✨

@artfanmiami yes please!!! Is there any chance we can have first dibs?! #iWant


Please this is so beautiful


Please do prints of this!


J'adore ! Je le veux !!!


I love this! Amazing as always, your work is so inspiring ❤️


Wow! Beautiful!

@k_wu1 very dope!
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