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Media by Greg "Craola" Simkins · Bbm3IDUhSr3 · Likes: 7259 · Posted: 2017-11-17T19:56
17.11.17 - 19:56
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Greg "Craola" Simkins


to my piece “Cleo” from my most recent solo exhibition at @kpprojectsgallery, “No Strings” .


made with @trekell_art_supplies.












Awsome piece i love the flow and movement.. this was one of my favorites at the show!! 🙌🙌💥🎨 @craola








Oh my ❤️ I want this so bad!


You're very talented bro




Teach me! @craola I'll do menial tasks in exchange for knowledge.


Is this for sale?


Fkn fantastic! 😍


Never cease to impress


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