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Media by smugone · BbklPbHF6ge · Likes: 8455 · Posted: 2017-11-16T22:41
16.11.17 - 22:41
❤ 8455


Canvas for tonights HEIST show at @juddyroller alongside a bunch of great artists. Its on for a couple of weeks but their opening nights are always great!









When are we hosting your solo show @startlosangeles ?


Incredible 👍👍😎😎🔝🔝🔝🔥🔥🔥🔥


Really cool! 😮🔝🔥🔝🔥👌🏽




Next level !!!


Thought for a moment you were covering up the Glasgow one


This is lolin nutz!! 🔥👌🏻


Omg youre amazing!


🔥🔥 killaa


Oh man! I love your stanly hobo homeless down on their luck dropout kerb crawler guys!!!🤝✊️🔥


Ahhhh Bollocks, for a second I thought it was a self portrait 🤨😂


Yes! Great! Selfportrait?


Wauwzers! 💣👌🏻


Floored by this 😍




Skills! How-the-hell do you do this?!?


Fantastic 😎




Beautiful work, Smug! I have been a big fan since I saw your artwork at the streets of Glasgow at first time


You just keep getting better and better!




Are you from the Earth???


This was my favourite piece at the exhibit. It's just beautiful.


My head just exploded in sheer awe of the dreamlike lighting you created - absolutely amazing piece


@wisse_97 midi da arsheigino


Clean 👌👍💥


In honor to see the progression never stops!!!!!


Props & Respect


One of the best too ever do it 🔥🔥
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