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Media by Li-Hill · BbfDVGOFRYX · Likes: 974 · Posted: 2017-11-14T19:09
14.11.17 - 19:09
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Happening at the awesome @juddyroller gallery in Melbourne, the group show HEIST opens this Friday • 'Act of Preservation' Oil on linen 102 x 122cm • If your in the hemisphere, go take a gander, there is a killer line up of talent in the show! @adnate @nychos @anthonylister @smugone @sofles @jaw_dmv @street_pointillist @cope2art_life @bradeastman @jankalab @coadyart



This is rad dude.


How how dynamic your work is. One of the best artists of our generation hands down.


Love the use of color man.


Nxt level


This is unreal. WOW




Gorgeous man. Unreal line up too 💪🏽👌🏽


Bro, next level!!


@josiahcyoung nice. I'll check it out


Wow! Incredible!! 👏👏👏


Just incredible talent


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