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Media by briankesinger · BbdORQbBl8D · Likes: 1612 · Posted: 2017-11-14T02:06
14.11.17 - 02:06
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I’ll be giving a free talk at the San Clemente library this Saturday. I’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at my process as well share stories about my creative journey. Get a jump on your holiday shopping with a special book sale and we will be holding special drawings for one of a kind prizes! Hope to see you there!



Sounds fabulous. It has been a rough week.




@garrettmakesart let's go so you can meet him too!


Congrats !!! All the best 🤗


This is awesome!


@goggles99 and @thraxi look!!! I’m working this weekend But you should go!!


@champagneandwhiskey @thraxi we can pizzaport after just saying




@we_mend_each_other I want to go!!!!


@fire_opal89 so go


@we_mend_each_other Danny's working


@fire_opal89 So?


@we_mend_each_other my two kids in a library? I'm not crazy


@fire_opal89 want me to come down? Or emery


@we_mend_each_other if you guys want to


@erngillispie 😢😭😭 why are we not there??


@oohfranfran you and Greg should go


@briankesinger Omg so excited for this! Can't wait to meet you 😊🎉




I was freaking out when I saw Orange County, than I realized it was in Cali, not Fla 😔
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