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Media by briankesinger · BbaarEyhcKz · Likes: 7056 · Posted: 2017-11-12T23:59
Media by briankesinger · BbaarMuhBcb · Likes: 7056 · Posted: 2017-11-12T23:59
Media by briankesinger · BbaarSaB0H5 · Likes: 7056 · Posted: 2017-11-12T23:59

▼ Aquarium of the Pacific

12.11.17 - 23:59
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I’ve done a lot of art trades with other human artists before but this is my first time trading with a cephalopod artist! Thank you to gumball and the trainers at the @aquariumpacific for this truly special gift!






Kinda reminds me of Hank - is he a septapus?


That’s amazing!!!


Oh my gooooosh. Gumball’s work is so great 😭


Love it!


So awesome! My sister is a zookeeper and she gave me an orangatan original painting once. An octopus painting is way better though!


That's so cool


That is epic! What a treat!


This is incredible!


Is this real life?? Holy cow!!


*screech of glee* So cool!!


Truly the coolest trade ever!


Omg cool!!


amazing!!! this is so cool :) and your drawing is so cute ♥


that is amazing!


That’s so amazing! What a piece to own!


cool 👍😎🐙


Aaaaaahhh how cool


😮😮😮 that's awesome!!! Gumball is quite the artist :) :)


How cool is that!! Hope Gumball signed his work for you! 🎨


I love this so much!


That's cool!


Love it! Love Gumball 💙🐙💜


That's awesome!


lol thats cool


Wow! 😲


@lizzzz____ look at this cutie!


@hannahmonsen @spockjean Look how amazing this is!!! Octopus art!


That is an awesome trade!!!


OMG I love it!!
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