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Media by maruti_bitamin · BbFACNQgjSq · Likes: 48738 · Posted: 2017-11-04T16:20
Media by maruti_bitamin · BbFAChWgtOG · Likes: 48738 · Posted: 2017-11-04T16:20
Media by maruti_bitamin · BbFACfdgpSD · Likes: 48738 · Posted: 2017-11-04T16:20
Media by maruti_bitamin · BbE__Agg5fZ · Likes: 48738 · Posted: 2017-11-04T16:20
04.11.17 - 16:20
❤ 48738


A small comic I'm working on for next year! (Bonito flakes)



Bonito means beautiful in spanish


This is adorable. Your artwork is always captivating yet complex. I hope to see more of Bonito Flakes. Good luck with your works.


Bonito means pretty(male) in spanish 😃💗


This story is intense !😢


😭😭😭😭 Bonito!!!!


The panel where all the fish are saying omg is amazing and perfect and I love it




Aawwn, poor bonito! :/


Bonito is graphically dead in last panel. *tries not to hyperventilate* (Please read as: this is cute and original I'm just being weird, please make more)


So cute 😂


Oh no! Poor Bonito :(






This is soooo adorableee!! I LOVE this!


Haha me XD


Why would you make such a heartbreaking comic 😭😭❤


Omg 😭😭 "sheds a tear, becomes the ocean and no one notices" 💔💔💔


i love bonito!!


Lol cute but sad


I'll be your friend Bonito ! 💕


oh my god


@lenirooz Uh oh, just based off the title page it looks like Bonito is gonna be sushi by then end if this comic ;_;


Is it going to meet whale 52?


Bonito! Awww 😢 I already love him


Omgggg Bonitooo 😢😭 Please draw him some love and lots of friends


So cute ;


Bonito I'll be your friend;


Laid down and try not to cry and cry a lot




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