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Media by Bezt_Etam · Baj2xUyl5HE · Likes: 1065 · Posted: 2017-10-22T20:24
22.10.17 - 20:24
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Thank you all for coming yesterday! It was great! I want to thank @thinkspace_art and @spoke_art for making it happened! We will drop the print sales really soon for those who could not come. Ps Shawn and Ken - thank you for showing me what chicken waffles are! Never again ;)



Uploadd exposition worksssss






Mistakes can very often be beautiful!!!...why cross out the word???!!!...


i'm in love with your work...


It was pleasure meeting and talking to you. Incredible show.


Amazing work 😻


@bobross_thejoyofpainting philosophy of life


Love it!




Looking forward to seeing prints


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