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Media by Jeremy Hush · BaSzNpBlbF1 · Likes: 196 · Posted: 2017-10-16T05:26
16.10.17 - 05:26
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Jeremy Hush

@cchelseawwolfe is one of my favorite live bands!! Their show tonight with @youthcodeforever was intense!!!





Nice! Nice meeting you and your lady today.


🖤!! She's my biggest inspiration . Jealous!


Saw her on tour for the last album. Glad she's finally embracing the heavy! When I found out she recorded at god city with Kurt from converge I knew this album would be a different kind of rad.


It was a great show glad I caught it


Seeing her on Halloween 🏴


Love her, I made her a gothic avant-garde inspired necklace once back in SF. Hope she comes to Ireland sometime soon


A friend of mine got me in to her a few years back and I absolutely fell in love. I was bummed I missed this show but I heard it was really good and she’s incredible live. Gotta make a point to check her out down the line.
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