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Media by OdaMaier · BaNFJHCjM2O · Likes: 64 · Posted: 2017-10-14T00:07

▼ Great Spirits Tattoo

14.10.17 - 00:07
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🔮TATTOO GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY🔮 In honor of our one year anniversary (October 1!), we’re giving away TWO $100 gift cards for you and a friend. Here’s how to win: 1️⃣ Follow @greatspiritstattoo 2️⃣ Like this photo on the shop page 3️⃣ Tag one friend on the shop page ONE entry per person, but the person you tag can enter as well. That’s it! You and your tagged friend will each win a $100 gift card to Great Spirits Tattoo. Winner will be chosen on Friday, October 20 at 5:00pm. . ..........comment on @greatspiritstattoo page!!............... . .


















@saucypanther_ go over to @greatspiritstattoo page and comment there,bro!


@cassjerman head over to @greatspiritstattoo page to enter with your comments!


@rick_beaupre OH BALLS YOURE RIGHT.




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