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Media by Isaac Cordal · Ba3kujPAITT · Likes: 1363 · Posted: 2017-10-30T11:11

▼ Bayonne, France

30.10.17 - 11:11
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Isaac Cordal

FAILING IN LOVE /// Part of my solo show La Comédie Humaine Exposition du 19/10 au 19/11/17 La poudrière / Bastion Royal / Bayonne / France Du mardi au dimanche de 14h à 19h – prix libre Within the activities of the week of street art for the @pdvstreetartweek organized by Spacejunk´s art centers, I have presented my itinerant exhibition which includes some of my artworks made since 2013. More info link in bio







Wow, increíble


para cuándo una expo en madrid? 🙌🏽💐


Que?!? Ese no lo vi!


@deih.xlf demasiados nachos esa semana !!




@elpoetacalvo de momento nada planeado. Saludos!




Love this. I still look at your figures around Aberdeen. ❤️


One of the best ❤


Increíble! Ojalá tenga la oportunidad de ver alguna de estas obras en alguna ciudad 😉


That guy is always failing. Suitcase is too heavy, even with hearts... do you have any upcoming show from mid Dec, @isaaccordal ? I might be in France and Spain, would love to see your art in person!


Great 😊
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Media by Isaac Cordal · Ba3kujPAITT

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