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Media by craww · BYY0AyVnxw4 · Likes: 2330 · Posted: 2017-08-29T20:29
Media by craww · BYY0BnjHfHd · Likes: 2330 · Posted: 2017-08-29T20:29
29.08.17 - 20:29
❤ 2330


Details from "Hollow" and (👉🏻) "Black Feathers", two recent drawings. I'm looking into prints of one or the other. Maybe both! I'll let you know when i make up my mind 🤔










Amazing work


So good!


Love the otherworldly atmosphere in this drawing.




You ate all the art skills, guess the rest of us will have to find new planet, to do art on!!


Wow this is so amazing






What about originals? Hehe


My favourite piece of yours! 😍😍


Whoa 😲


Fabulous! <3


Amazing works!! 😍👌


+1 fan


@kneenar the original of "hollow" is in my store. "Black Feathers" is sold. 😜


Amazing work! Love your style ^_^


@craww I am a foooooool






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