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Media by Swoon Studio · BXqoSEFjX9E · Likes: 760 · Posted: 2017-08-11T21:58
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Swoon Studio

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, the enchanting explorations of


. This is the third in a series of posts highlighting the incredibly talented people who are making this upcoming retrospective possible. Whenever I do a monumental scale project, like the show I'm working on right now, people always ask me how it happened. The answer is that a team of talented people are coming together right now to give a big big push, bringing their problem solving skills, their time, energy, training and talents. Without them I wouldn't be doing any of the things that I'm doing, so I started a series of posts about the super heroes in my midst, and what they're all about. Elaine was the studio's master printer for 7 years, and just finished up her final work week in time to send us off to Cincinnati and continue on with her own explorations. Here's some words about her project Inner Fields


"Inner Fields is an art project which you cannot buy and cannot keep. It’s about creating unique, artistic experiences which cultivate stillness and presence of mind, and which emphasize our inseparable, ecological relationship to each other and our environment. Each month I open my apartment to the community and host gatherings which explore consciousness, ecology and the transitory nature of all phenomena. I often collaborate with diverse artists, musicians and teachers and together we'll create a unique, contemplative experience based in art, ritual, philosophy and meditation. Gatherings are small, intimate and cell phone-free, and sessions are rarely photographed or documented in keeping with a truly ephemeral art project. Through each session, Inner Fields aims to cultivate meaningful insights through direct experience and true community connection, and hopes to provide a counterpoint to the hyperactivity and materialistic economies of New York life."







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So dope✨✨✨✨🤙🏼


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Aw wow Callie! ❤️ Thank you for sharing all of this! I was wondering why my IG accounts suddenly got so much action! 😊
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