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Media by Nemo's · BXf9XVLgAWP · Likes: 2382 · Posted: 2017-08-07T18:30
07.08.17 - 18:30
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Each of us is like a trunk, a box, a chest. Wherever we go, we bring with us memories, dreams, nightmares and pieces of our lives end our countries. A month ago I met some kids coming from all over the world. Some fleeing from the war, others escaped from hunger, others lost everything and needed a place to start a new life. This is what I painted by listening to the stories of these guys... Dedicated to all people who are away from home Thank's to @Davide Pansera @Andrea Giudici and @pigmenti_eu













@whoisnemos geniusπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ


I like your expression of love for people))








Grazie! ...a Ornago una cosa simile...






Love the story into the painting πŸ’•




Very cool. Feels are being had :)


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