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▼ Torrance State Beach

19.08.17 - 15:56
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Greg "Craola" Simkins

Good morning! Here's an octopus for ya!


made with @trekell_art_supplies :) if you like the octopuseses like I do than go check out @octonation and give them a follow!











@angelinur_nightmare he makes it look easy


Would love you to check out my recent work, 'Everything is Better with Tentacles Anyway'. It is a surreal jellyfish. Love your work by the way.




Just amazing talent 🤙🏾


@juicegod0 lol they all do! I wanna get my own camera already so I can learn how to do these time lapse videos as well.


You are so amazing


Yeah, maybe @danieljacobmartinez can help you out with that!


Wow! Should learn more about acrylic painting from you, then @craola !




OMG that's SO good!


🐙 love it
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