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Media by James Bullough · BWhiFhEBs8F · Likes: 414 · Posted: 2017-07-14T12:39
14.07.17 - 12:39
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James Bullough

I've often wonder if one of the reasons I'm such a slow painter is the amount of paint I use. I imagine this in not normal. I am still using the same small tubes of paint I bought when I first learned to paint over a decade ago and most of them are still about half full. This isn't normal is it? :/





Who wants to be normal?




Haha! Weird, yes. But even more impressive


In other news... I just learned what the palette hole was for.


It's because you're a refined master. 🙌🏼


My art teacher dad always said that using minimal paint is an art form in itself, no wastage 🤗


No lie, that's really impressive


I do the same thing! Tiny little dollops. Thought I was weird.


@kevinpetersonart ha! No way. Good to know I'm in good company with my weirdness


Paint is expensive and I have had small children for 24 years, so I do the same in case I have to walk away. Waste not, want not! Love your work!




Wish I had this problem I am forever needing more.paint.


Haha so cool and 100% opposite am I, so you have my respect!


JESUS. I go through so much paint. You must be saving so much money though.


You also probably use a lot of medium? So that could be a contributer


Lol This makes me feel better about being so slow also !


They last a long time. But judging by your work that is insane and doesn't seem possible. At least u don't gotta fill you pockets w tubes every time u go to the store lol


I get more paint on my pants then that's on that pallet! Talk about low overhead. Haha, skills man !


I do this as well, the only color I ever need to restock on is white


Define normal ♥️♥️♥️


I do the same thing. I have this weird fear of wasting even inexpensive paint.


Impressive indeed. I mix my paints in a larger amount ad seal them. But still have paints from over 15 years back. Keep at it @james_bullough Impressive and normal


I do the same thing, I have never finished a tube, well maybe a titanium white. It comforts me to know that an amazing artist like yourself works in a similar manner. I am constantly telling myself to use more paint dammit!
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