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Media by Kaitlin Tietsort · BViX5w3FPLm · Likes: 88 · Posted: 2017-06-19T23:58
19.06.17 - 23:58
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Kaitlin Tietsort

This morning I got to wake up to @behrpaint Sycamore Grove colored walls and freshly painted white trim. I'm feeling pretty lucky to have a hubby who wanted to finish this last big project for me (pre-baby) and a brother who volunteered his entire weekend to help make it possible. • A lot of craziness has enveloped my whole family the past few months. But we're all hanging in there and loving and supporting each other and managing to stay sane and positive at least 3 days a week. So I'm counting that as a win! • The morning light makes our room feel like a canopy of leaves and, for someone who's been green-obsessed since she was like 5, it's kinda my dream color. 😊 We'll be finishing up the details like curtain rods and such in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for photos!








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Ooh it sounds like the room will be gorgeous! Nothing better than green! 😉


So excited for after pics!! :D your own oasis!


How exciting!! What an amazing family you have, so blessed! Can't wait to see!


Ooooooh this color is going to be gorgeous. I just bought that little short handled brush for our kitchen reno. Can't wait to see the photos!


@taralenneydesign @redrose_n_ashes @alishachristine23 @idleweiss I'll be posting a little sneak peak of it tomorrow morning, so stay tuned ☺❤


Staying tuned!! 😍


Fantastic shot! Great detail.
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