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Media by DEFER · BUzhebfAcBo · Likes: 811 · Posted: 2017-06-01T19:17
01.06.17 - 19:17
❤ 811


Apparently Transparent....






Sick one👊🏼


lol yea. Super loling dope works.


Dope brotha


So beautiful...It makes me think of rain...very calming. 👌🏽❤️


Just when I think you've amazed us to the max, Wow this is so sick 👌




Sick textures brother




Хуя норм так


#Sick #fade on those #layers


@deferk2s I am sure as an artist you only do commissioned work or sell originals, and I don't blame you. There are a lot of rich people out there who would pay exactly what an originals worth... $$$$. Have you ever thought of choosing some of your most popular pieces and offering high end prints so people like me who think your stuff is just ridiculously good, could still have some killer pieces in the house till we can afford originals. Hope you don't take offense to my thoughts, I have followed your work for a long time now. 👏🏼🙌🏼
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