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Media by DEFER · BUrg2b2AyF2 · Likes: 995 · Posted: 2017-05-29T16:38
29.05.17 - 16:38
❤ 995


Lightning in a bottle - after many layers of paint - hidden messages - letters - abstraction - spiritual language - this piece formed like Voltron - now into the collection of @evanknapp @wigglemania - much appreciation and gratitude to you both.



Def knows


Amazing work & great inspiration deferks.👍💪👏🙏




@gregorysiff Thank you G!




Epic! Looks great...




Beauty ✨


The layers are mesmerising




The vertical lines and color layering in this one kinda feels a bit like one of my babies ✌️👌👍


wax on wax off
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