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Media by Smug · BU2ZOljFQBW · Likes: 9775 · Posted: 2017-06-02T22:03
02.06.17 - 22:03
❤ 9775


Close up of the face. There's a few things on this wall that I'm still not feeling (as always) but overall I really enjoyed painting this one!







This is so freakin awesome! I love it!


#skullcandy swag beanie


You've a crazy amount of talent.


Different level 💯


Never fail to amaze me with these I want one on the front of my house. Unbelievable work.




Blown away with your work 😱🤘🏻👌🏻 would love to see a time lapse one day 👍🏻😊










Bomb 🔥👌🏻😉🙂 great wall art


Live next to LCB. Thanks for this!


loling awesome


I can't wait to see you making art for my hometown Kotka in Finland! I'm local young artist and I'm curious if it's possible to meet you then? 💚💚💚


loling epic love your work!!!!


If I ever build a house made of brick your painting it homie! this is excellent material! great use of texture and contrast! Stay 100!




Wow mister smuggie


Love The light.💥💥💥


God they are all so phenomenal!!! @smugone




lol that's amazing


@lumberjacktom Check this dude's page out if you haven't 👌🏽👌🏽


@adamtoksozart thanks! it's all super sick!


So good mate. And you love all the scallywags. 😘








@dwebsy are you seeing this stuff??? Amazing hey? 😁
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