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Media by smugone · BU2ZOljFQBW · Likes: 9262 · Posted: 2017-06-02T22:03
02.06.17 - 22:03
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Close up of the face. There's a few things on this wall that I'm still not feeling (as always) but overall I really enjoyed painting this one!















@matty_b_memes how cool is this?!


@pocketmau80 i see u😊


Holy sh*t! Massive! Awesome job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


This is so freakin awesome! I love it!


#skullcandy swag beanie


You've a crazy amount of talent.


Different level πŸ’―


Never fail to amaze me with these I want one on the front of my house. Unbelievable work.
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