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Media by Swoon Studio · BRyNlNnjw_q · Likes: 1894 · Posted: 2017-03-18T16:30
18.03.17 - 16:30
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Swoon Studio

The longer I make art, the more I find it to be a refuge for that in my life which is otherwise unexplainable. "Snow Blossoms" is a print that I created to go alongside an exhibition where I explored near and shared death-experiences. It is inspired by one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had, which occurred during my mother's passing. It began with a dream where points of light opened into kaleidoscopic snow and flower like forms, carrying my mother's voice and her presence. I later learned that this phenomena is called a "shared death experience" and while rare, it is possible when someone close to you passes away that you share in part of the experience of their passing. Far from being morbid, this experience lead me to an embrace of death as a part of the process of life, and a visceral understanding of the beauty inherent in each stage of life, including this one. The show and this print were my first answer to the challenge of expressing such ineffable truths in the form I'm most comfortable with. And, one of my favorite galleries @librarystreetcollective who hosted this show, is publishing the print series now.





😘 @swoonhq


So beautiful!😻😻😻


Hi I'm a college student writing a paper on you. I've been trying my hardest to get in contact about an interview I could possibly set up if possible. I hope this can connect me to swoon some how. My papers due in two weeks please let me know!


Yes - so much here and so grateful for your stories and images...


Amazing story 😍😍


Understand completely 💕 Beautiful & Ephemeral


I got mine! Love it and the story behind it.




I love this one


This is absolutely beautiful! 😍❤ I read the description and I loved it even more 😢❤💕😘


Beautiful story and artwork. Thank you.
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