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Media by Dave Bonzai · BRu3twAgqWp · Likes: 2470 · Posted: 2017-03-17T09:21
17.03.17 - 09:21
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Dave Bonzai

Progress or finished.... undecided.






Needs one drip, then it's done!


lol fire...more black ink tho..no colors bro






Done I reckon. Maybe drop shadow for added contrast


That character is awsome




Very nice both


Finished! Less is more. Style speaks all by himself! No need for more. Keep it up, great work!


Dope sketch !! You can add some shadow if you want @davebonzai


more black 😏


Finished!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


thats dunn sunn!!


Its Fire anywayzzz...Brou....FRESH.!


Finished. So damn pure and beautiful πŸ˜‡




Always fresh πŸ‘ŒNice job man




Very nice...big hug @davebonzai
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