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Media by craww · BPGI3W3hSCa · Likes: 2563 · Posted: 2017-01-10T20:40
10.01.17 - 20:40
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A test piece i did over Christmas for the project i start work on tomorrow. This is a tiny version of what will be the biggest of 5 panels at 1500x1400mm. There's a lot of things i'll tweak with the composition, such as the hair which needs to float across the water more, but as a piece to test some of the techniques i'll be using, i'm pretty happy with it. I'll post pics as the project progresses!



This is so GORGEOUS


So experssive 😍




Love it. Looks so japanese.


this is my favourite thing ive seen on your instagram


@craww this is so friggin beautiful - reminds me of if Ophelia drown in a Midsummers Night Dream but in the Sea of Trees πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š


@spell_pendragon ti potrebbe piacere 😊


It reminds of ophelia, LOVE it


@la.vispateresa assolutamente si 😍😍😍 sono anche ossessionata dalla figura della ophelia. Grazie πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™


@spell_pendragon Prego 😘😘


Reminds me of Ophelia😍


So wonderful !!!


So beautiful!!


The roses with white outlines is ridiculously amazing






This is amazing! I'd love to buy a print of this.


That is gorgeous!


ophelia. swoon. 😍😍


Beautiful work. What sort of panels do you paint on?


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