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Media by Jeremy Fish · BPA_8qEDKCs · Likes: 2742 · Posted: 2017-01-08T20:45
08.01.17 - 20:45
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Jeremy Fish

California Wild Hogs. This sketch was also inspired by my friends at Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson here in San Francisco.






This is awesome 😍🐻




Lmao riding a hog 👌👌




Luv !


Dope stuff


Love. Is this print for sale?


Killin' it


More elephants please!!


@mrjeremyfish do you do commisions?


Wow this one is too much!! Love it




U interested in applying that design custom to a tank? I happen to have one you could paint on haha




Bears don't ride motorcycles


wait do bears ride motorcycles?


lol I totally missed that.


You should do some works and keep the graphite lines. Like no inking. Ad color or not but keep the pencil.


I just saw you in Big Eyes!!


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