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Media by boogiesml · BOzsDIYBpBi · Likes: 7840 · Posted: 2017-01-03T16:41
03.01.17 - 16:41
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We've got a winner in that little 100K challenge. @tphilap, you are the lucky one and I'll send you one of these brandnew and limited handmade silkscreen prints. Drop me a message with your address. Hardfacts on the


: 70x50cm / edition of 10 / signed and numbered. If you want to grab one of these yourself, check out my store. LINK IN BIO.












@boogiesml 🙀💥




Yesss!great piece the are blessed!!☆☆☆☆






Nice 👍


lole post.... A- post..👏👌👍 big up....


Sehr dope Farben !




That is FIRE !!!!! Wow Looks like it came out a damn printer lol


Want!! How much?






Its ....perfekt




Wow that's so fckn cool




@boogiesml send @boogiefrantick a tshirt


How lucky😂😂😂😂
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