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Media by cale.k2s · BOzi4kNgLyG · Likes: 81 · Posted: 2017-01-03T15:21

▼ Coral Springs, Florida

03.01.17 - 15:21
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We're moving the store over to Shopify simply to avoid stressing on keeping up the site. Art is already a full time job so along with print on demand services such as Printful, this should make it easier to fulfill orders AND offer more products. One man can't do everything so let's give this a go. It's almost ready.



Smart move.. 👊


Dope! I work for @printfulhq , good to know you're gonna be using our fulfillment 🙌🏼


@craoe that's dope. What do you do there?


@cale.k2s I run the screen printing production for our location in chatsworth


@craoe that's what's up man. Maybe I can pick your brain a little when you have some time.


@cale.k2s of course! You can dm me and ask away. I'd love to share insight


Hey, If you know of anyone who is looking to buy or lease a car even trade one in, refer them to me. I'm giving referrals fees to those who help me out. From $100- $500 Cash. Anyways, just tell them to give me a call or tag them. Thanks!
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