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Media by Jeremy Fish · BOydMC0DUSl · Likes: 2932 · Posted: 2017-01-03T05:12
03.01.17 - 05:12
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Jeremy Fish

Finally finishing feathers furthering this Fiat.







man... i've been a huge fan of yours for a long time. i love the art you create. maybe one day i'll be able to afford an original.


this bird is so majestic






Art Maestro Salute ⚡






Very inspirational ✨


Love the use of black on this one @mrjeremyfish. A masterclass as usual.


Bro, all your lol is amazing!


When and where will this open


Inspirational 👌🏻




@goddamnbeaner dude from @cockscombsf


Can I get a 79 coupe deville, 83 wagoneer, or a 68 Chevelle please!!!


What a talent!!


The Don at work




This series is so good @mrjeremyfish!! I have a set of four screenprints you made back in 2005, they are similar with knomes and transportation! They are yellow, brown and gold✌🏻
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