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Media by cale.k2s · BOqbmPtAwpz · Likes: 555 · Posted: 2016-12-31T02:25

▼ Coral Springs, Florida

31.12.16 - 02:25
❤ 555



peace out ✌️ to another year. Leaving a few things behind this time. Have a safe weekend everyone and thank you for the support all of 2016.





Cigarettes so 2011, bout time ✊️





Damn this is sick awesome work


@cale.k2s 👏🏼🎉😎 Werd!


Man @cale.k2s that's wicked


🚭🙌👏👍❤ Hope to see u soon Cale!


@og_slick I'm saying. Cold turkey style


@misstina_k thank you Tina. I hope so too. Have a happy new year




@Og_slick @[email protected] @cale.k2s loove to see so many powerful names Happy New Year to you all💪


HI @cale.k2s I hope all is good. Merely stopping by to show some love. Make certain you stay rockin out !!
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