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Media by Dasic Fernández · BOkR4_SgXHI · Likes: 1749 · Posted: 2016-12-28T17:04
28.12.16 - 17:04
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Dasic Fernández

In one hour! My first print "The Covenant" will be released, link in my bio or go to 1xrun.com @1xrun







Awesome 👏🏼




@christovedo thought you'd like this!






Dope !




Plz make hat pins! I would love to have a mobile piece by you to show when I speak of your art :)


Grande @dasicfernandez ! Felicidades hermano! ¿Cuando vienes a Miami?


👌👌👌 damn 😱


Excelente trabajo


@codyberry03 artwork like this... fire


Máster !






I want this!


Can't wait to get this up on my wall


Just picked one up to add to the collection. Hand embellished!!


Wow. Amazing. Picked one up as well!


@artfulinvestors smart investment


I got one 🙏










@dasicfernandez Happy New Years man , Do you still have any of your Hand embellished available ?


@dasicfernandez amazing, jobs, te vi recien alas 3:30am 👀❤💋en some ADICTIVO SHOW! Eres un artista neto 100% ......me encantaria que vieras un dibujo que tambien creo son unicos..te mandare uno via mensaje. Y saver tu opinion.


"Viva chile mierda" @dasicfernandez 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍❤


Ven para Brasil
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