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Media by craww · BOh_DoFhOBB · Likes: 2276 · Posted: 2016-12-27T19:41
27.12.16 - 19:41
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Working on ideas for a really exciting commission to kick off 2017. I’ll be painting on 5 huge wood panels, each one between 1.5 and 2 metres tall, hung in the clients home. Exciting, but also a bit daunting! As well the designs, I’ll be doing some tests over the next week to make sure there are no nasty suprises as I’ll be working on site. I’m sure I will be sharing pics as the job progresses next month!



Good luck! Looking good so far


Absolutely love then at this stage too!


Gotten myself a mechanical pencil and a new sketchbook, been really inspired by you lately and trying to follow in your footsteps by drawing and sketching a lot more. These look amazing .. good luck with it :)


You've got this :) it will unfold but I'm sure this opportunity came to you because you are in fact ready for this challenge - good luck 😃



Absolutely gorgeous


Sounds like an incredible project! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!


Can't wait!




Terrific ! 😊
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