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Media by Nelson Cekis · BOc8XrRgthX · Likes: 262 · Posted: 2016-12-25T20:42
25.12.16 - 20:42
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Nelson Cekis

hoodie printing sundays









Where to buy


@dage_the_one hey brother! it will be available on my online store this week. but if you want to meet in person one day let me know, im in sunset park! peace!



@el_cekis i got you my dude


Muy fino


Do you make any of these on t-shirts or non-hooded sweatshirts?


@blanco_tsagaan actually this idea was meant to be on a tshirt and they will be available pretty soon on my online store (link in my bio)




A cuanto estan ?


En Chile estarán??


Zeckis one run muthalolin trains !!!!!


Keep on the good work!


Nice :)
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