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Media by TYRSA | Alexis Taïeb · BO__ZR5FjwZ · Likes: 1991 · Posted: 2017-01-08T11:21

▼ Los York

08.01.17 - 11:21
❤ 1991

TYRSA | Alexis Taïeb

GREETINGS FOR LOS YORK. 🇺🇸 Done with die-cut Manga screentones. 🔪📏 T-shirt soon available! @los_york LA, I'm coming in 2 weeks now! ✈️☀️🌴










#handlettering #losyork #letttering #type #typography #calligraphy #handfont #losangeles #newyork #mangascreentones #greetings #greetingsfrom #thedailytype #strenghtinletters




Great what is los York ? Or where?


@cecilecosmicg it's a production & creative agency based in Los Angeles & New York! 😉


@tyrsamisu ok!!! I love LA too!


🤙🏼 chanmé


Une typo qui dechire grave comme d'hab' :-)


@deechtebakker haha I love this!




Very cool!




If you're stopping over in NYC, come say hi! We're here now! Would love to catch up over a few beers! Casper & Carin


@shotopop that's a great news guys! I'd love to meet you there but I'm supposed to stay in LA, But we never know, if i have the opportunity to come in NY, I'll catch you for sure!!


Cool man! Hopefully we'll catch you sometime!


Love that grey


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