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Media by Jeremy Fish · BOWyS_dDKWb · Likes: 2821 · Posted: 2016-12-23T11:18
23.12.16 - 11:18
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Jeremy Fish

Frantically fighting to finesse the feathers on this friggin flamingo.




constantly and endlessly inspired by your work. thanks for sharing.


Fight for freedom for for fairness just friggin fight ya fluffin fabulous fairy


Wacky wordsmith working worldwide on wood and whatever like woodywoodpecker


Tones are so fresh






Aren't those the lyrics to a Blackalicious track?


All the f's


@dksouders ahhhh need!!!!!




Fine finish for a Friday friend


First saved post


what a fly flamingo!


Love the color palette






@stephiduckula thought of you when I saw this. ✌🏾️


Fancy as hell


Eff'n F!


It's me! @voltagectrlr
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