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Media by craww · BOP8PushEXq · Likes: 1509 · Posted: 2016-12-20T19:30
20.12.16 - 19:30
❤ 1509


A close up WIP of a painting I’m working on for a show next year. I have a lot of new work in the pipeline, I’m excited to share it properly in a few months time but for now I can only post a little taste of whats to come!



So nice.. colour choices are perfect!


@squink red...with some more red 😜


@craww the reds are right!


@squink thanks man 🍻


This is amazing how you manage the lights without changing the great dark atmosphere




Ooooh doll face that's amaze balls. 😍


I love it already ✨😍


Looking good dude 👌


Beautiful @craww


Thank you @drkhaus 🍻
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