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Media by Taylor White · BONzvKcD4rY · Likes: 260 · Posted: 2016-12-19T23:37
19.12.16 - 23:37
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Taylor White

I started this weird painting sometime around 5 months ago, mostly out of the desire to paint that foot but without giving much (any) thought to how I would contextualize it. Inevitably it came to a point where I got stuck, not knowing where to go with it. It was too uncomfortable to fit together with the other pieces I was making, yet there was still something interesting about it, enough that I hesitated to banish the thing to the pit of lost souls where so many of my other works have found themselves infinitely trapped. A few days ago I picked it back up and started incorporating some of the techniques I've recently been playing with, and now I like it again. Still a


, but she's going to pull through.






Great share. How are you?


Pretty nice!


Good call on trying to save this one. It is quite stunning.




I usually appreciate the set down & picked back up pieces more in the end. ⚡️ love it.


Awesome! 🙌




super great


It feels so good when you finally finish those lingering works, doesn't it?
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