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Media by Connie Lim · BO2RlYPA-_j · Likes: 1996 · Posted: 2017-01-04T16:48

▼ Dalston

04.01.17 - 16:48
❤ 1996

Connie Lim

A snippet of the 'hands' 👋🏼 lesson- step by step. I'll be holding workshops in my studio every Thursday and Saturday for portfolio interview preparations. I'm teaming up with @koki.kang who will be giving advice on fashion design and I will be overseeing the illustration bit. Link in my bio 👆🏻 You can book 1 or up to 3 hours (Please write Thursday or Saturday) thanks! ✨ Hope to see you soon ✌🏻





Is this an online workshop? Would love to attend from Canada if sk


@kjb.artistry it will be in London


Nice 👐


Black poly chromo?
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