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Media by craww · BO2IJb9BNrU · Likes: 2635 · Posted: 2017-01-04T15:25
04.01.17 - 15:25
❤ 2635


Slightly cropped pic of my piece "Binding" for the "Swallowed by the Jungle" show, opening this friday 6th Jan at


in Philadelphia. Oil on linen, i had a lot of fun working with a slightly different colour palette on this. Really happy with how it turned out!







Top notch


So in love with the green 💚💚💚


Adore this



I love your artwork so much ~ please never stop creating :)


🌹💚 love this color and theme!


Beautiful color






I love love love this. The hands call to me here, I feel like her hands would unravel the soul.. only they are previously occupied 👀


Congrats. That is really good.


♡ Hauntingly beautiful! Love it!


Matcha! 😋


Beautiful piece of art




@craww Any chance you might still have a copy of your LE book please?...


@lightpainted_doll_cureilona im afraid im all out, but if you hit up @antlerpdx i believe they may have a copy or 2 😉


I absolutely love this mate!


Phenomenal work! 😍🙌🏻




Juste magnifique 👏
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