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Media by mayahayuk · BNxyqJDgJBo · Likes: 522 · Posted: 2016-12-09T02:29

▼ Ukrainian Museum

09.12.16 - 02:29
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CIM exhibition opens @ukrainianmuseum NYC Dec 10, 7-9pm. Artists Luba Drozd, Adriana Farmiga, Maya Hayuk, Roman Hrab, Yuri Masnyj, Christina Shmigel, Marko Shuhan. 222 E. 6th St/ btw 2nd & 3rd Ave. NY,NY



poster looks stunning, i think we'd like a copy of that




See you there



@mayahayuk the posters will be available at the opening.




How long will it be open for?




@brielledgephotography go to this


on it @tarajaleigh


better yet, why don't you come with me @tarajaleigh 😉


@brielledgephotography for maya hayuk I just might. Also, you. Duh.


don't you toy with my heart @tarajaleigh


you can put @elizabethhults in your carry on and we can get our art on


@caitlin5x5 I'd love to check this out!






Nice 🙏


@mayahayuk unfortunately were in london so can't swing by, good luck with the show


Sooooo good Maya 💪


@dylanbeckett ever been? I wanna check out this exhibit


@ganmxhugh never been, looks cool!




Love it 🙏 😄


Thank you for all which you do!


Good shot!


Sleek. So appealing. 😱






Deze is ook gaaf @davidjunelouf
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