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▼ Niketown New York

07.12.16 - 10:55
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TYRSA | Alexis Taïeb

My DEFY type comes to life in the big screen of Niketown in NY. 🙏🏼 @jumpman23. Thank you @thomasbabeau for the video.



Congrats 👌🏽




💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Très Très Louuurd 👊🏾


Awesome men! 🙌🏾


wiiicked 🤘🏽






I'll go write that on their with a real spray can.


Like it! 👏


Check our pics :)


Just great!


I ❤ it!


Je voulais te taguer dans pas mal de Photos ou j'ai vu ta créa mais impossible...
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