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02.12.16 - 17:15
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Dope video collaboration by @cory.s.martin and @chopemdownfilms in Dubai!! For the 2nd December Street Museum project curated by @the.mine and @romrom !! Artists involved @ashwaq.abdulla @volchkovaart @case_maclaim @street_pointillist @seth_globepainter @huatunan @zepha1 @ernestzacharevic @the_inkman @maisoonalsaleh @martinwhatson ...




thanks for the great time!!





Phresh video guys @chopemdownfilms




@c_sal_g944 dope art


@billy_hart, so epic. Such an amazing job!


Incredible video! Incredible pieces! 😍


wow it's so inspiring! awesome


@sandranathalie79 I love it


@grisberr ;)


@joseomrane Looks amazing... in my to do list for next time 😉
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