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Media by 1010 · BNe5JTLAfKc · Likes: 551 · Posted: 2016-12-01T18:20
01.12.16 - 18:20
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Made With Repost App *** 🌴Opening today 🌴 Stop by booth 34 at


and check out our exhibit featuring work by @joeldanielphillips @1010zzz @artistcrystalwagner @unitypress @seonnahong and @gregory_euclide





@1010zzz Love it! 👏🏻


I am so in aw with your work. Amazing job, @joeldanielphillips is another amazing artist. To be able to see both of your work side by side is like a dream.lol I'm just geeking out.


that's me
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