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Media by Dasic Fernández · BNaUU0-AyCN · Likes: 2189 · Posted: 2016-11-29T23:42
29.11.16 - 23:42
❤ 2189

Dasic Fernández

My addition to


honored and thankful










Hiciste el de teatinos con sto domingo!!!! Es hermoso!!!


Fly High papi 🕊🌠💓


Buenos colores!






I saw this today, one of my favorites! I love the brightness of the white and the reflections of color on it. Beautiful.






Hermano! Yooooooooooo🎯


@dasicfernandez This was my first ever trip to Basel Miami after years of missing it, and I have to say your pieces were my favorite! So inspirational. I use "updrips" in my work from time to time as well and it was such a good feeling to see it executed on a large scale. #oneofmynewfavoriteartists #respect


Josefina's dad is my hero. LOVE your work & the emotions it evokes. Hope to see you again soon my friend.




Absolutely Amazing 👈✖🙌✖👌






Das minhas preferidas ! A suavidade da cor com dor 👏👏👏






I love this painting
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