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Media by · BNRpb_pBpNl · Likes: 1557 · Posted: 2016-11-26T14:53
26.11.16 - 14:53
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Working on a new wall...






@1010zzz // Speechless ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️




Wow geil you in dubai? Say hallöchen to rom he's a legend!










Jet black? Or charcoal?


Getting looser in your style. Nice evolution.


So good 👌✨


Love it! Where in dubai is it? Love to see more street art in the city


Love your style!! 👏🎨😊


I was there♥♥♥ Loved your Company @1010zzz




🔮 yis




Love it.


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