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Media by TYRSA | Alexis Taïeb · BNMLcAjFoXK · Likes: 1011 · Posted: 2016-11-24T11:55
24.11.16 - 11:55
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TYRSA | Alexis Taïeb

WALK THE TALK. 👟👣🖌 Lettering for the Médecins Sans Frontières (@msf_fr) campaign by @wiedenkennedy printed on the sole of an exclusive pair of @sawashoes. Go on independance.msf.fr to learn more on how to help fund the freedom of MSF and get your pair of SAWA Shoes! 🙏🏼










Boom ! Le style et la maîtrise ! Beco bro ;) toujours aussi bon ton taf








Capo 👏👏👏👏👏👊👍






soooo good






#Mojo 🌑






#loveyourwork 👌


👍 Nice!


@uskymusic 🐺


Very nice


We like the look of your page
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