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Media by I AM EELCO · BMrHLhsBfyM · Likes: 768 · Posted: 2016-11-11T15:43
11.11.16 - 15:43
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6 showroom canvasprints on wood frame ready to hang on your wall - € 150,- each - studio pick up




fox in space is sold


@eelcovirus vos verkocht? #damn Dan wil ik graag die langwerpige (hoog) met zwarte achtergrond reserveren!


de wolf rechts? @madelonbaans


@eelcovirus nee vos, uit, giraffe!


okay! zal m reserveren @madelonbaans


bottom right is sold


@eelcovirus yesssss thnx!! 👍🏼


Chase- bunny is sold


What about the cat and cross bones on the right?


That wolf is still for sale @jpr1nce


When are you in nyc??


not sure, waiting on a go for a commission @jameslmckimmey


Just realised it's pick up, I'm in Australia... So not this time, but I love all of your work! @eelcovirus


2e van rechts verkocht?




Pick up from where? I'm very interested.


yes 😬 @martijn.dtf.vanlanen


Rotterdam @tinyhuman


Is studio vanmiddag / zaterdag open?


De vos is weer te koop, moet ik m voor je reserveren? @martijn.dtf.vanlanen
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