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Media by Vidam · BLbj4XBBqbp · Likes: 263 · Posted: 2016-10-11T19:14
11.10.16 - 19:14
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Here’s another view from my last large canvas „The Collectors Club“ I promise, it’s the last one! Last time I forgot to tell the story behind it: I asked a few of my friends to tell me their most influential music albums of their youth. The ones that you never forget and you’ll always love. The music that coined you to the person that you are nowadays. The results of my investigation are gathered in this painting. My personal input was Homework by Daft Punk by the way! 🔊🇫🇷🏠
























Der Hopfenreiter war wohl grad im Doldenwald unterwegs 😋


Yes! ✌️




Hehe noice!!
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